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BU 0210 Accounting I

 1 year Credit 1.00 Grade 10, 11, 12
Prerequisite: N/A

This course provides a basic understanding of the fundamentals of accounting which involves the recording of financial information and the preparing of financial statements. The student will obtain an in-depth analysis and study of small business operations. This course will address the language of business, business practices, business transactions, the account cycle, the maintenance and management of proper accounting records involved in a business operation. Accounting I will also prepare the students for advanced study at the college level. This course requires basic math skills to be successful. Accounting I is required for students who plan to take Accounting II.

BU 0221 Accounting II

 1 year Credit 1.00 Grade 11, 12
Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Accounting I. (BU 0210)

This course is an advanced application of the accounting principles and concepts learned in Accounting I. Special emphasis is placed on interpretation of financial data as it pertains to different forms of businesses. Special attention is placed on financial statements as it related to accounting concepts and principles.

The course emphasizes problem solving and the case study approach through textbook, workbook, supplementary materials, and the use of computers.

BU 0229 Personal Finance

 1/2 year Credit 0.5 Grade 9, 10, 11, 12
Prerequisite: N/A

Personal Finance introduces students to the complexities of the marketplace and the effect it has on many spending and buying decisions. Students will learn skills necessary to: become wise consumers, manage their personal finances, and develop a better understanding of the nature of commerce in our society. Attention will be focused on both substance and the process of making individual financial decisions. Finally, students will learn how their values, interests, and aptitudes relate to their specific financial decisions now and in the future.

MK 0222 Marketing and Management I

 1 year Credit 1.00 Grade 11
Prerequisite: N/A

Marketing and Management I is an introductory course designed to acquaint students with the world of marketing. Students will learn how marketing activities are conducted on a local, as well as a global scale. This course stresses service and ethical relationships, especially from the viewpoint of the consumer. During the school year, emphasis is also placed on retail store selling, buying, wholesaling, displaying, advertising, stock control, shipping, and various other functions involved in operating a retail store. Students MUST be DECA members.

DECA is an integral part of the program and helps to provide leadership development activities. Students participate in regional, state and national DECA Career Development Conferences. Students will be involved in the operation of the school store, “The Devil's Den”. In addition, DECA sponsors an annual Imitation and Installation Banquet, Winter Wonderland Semi-Formal dinner.

MK 0231 Business Management

 1 year Credit 1.00 Grade 12
Prerequisite: N/A

This course is designed to help students understand and deal with the day to day operations of a small business enterprise. The student acquires skills in business management practices through investigation and research in specific management areas. This course is intended for seniors who have not had Marketing and Management I, but are interested in the possibility of owning their own business in the future. This course is affiliated with the vocational student organization DECA.Students will have the opportunity to participate in DECA activities.

MK 0232 Marketing and Management II

 1 year Credit 2.00 (1 Period) Grade 12
1.00 Credit - Classroom Instructions, 1.00 Credit - Work Co-op
Prerequisite: Successful completion, “B” or better, in Marketing and Management I (BU 0222) and signature of the teacher.

Marketing and Management II is an advanced course of marketing, merchandising, and management. This is a detailed study of the principles of marketing and the application of these principles in the free enterprise system. Various management concepts are pursued. Students pursue the possibility of owning their own business in a comprehensive case project.

Membership in DECA is an integral part of this program and helps to provide leadership development activities. Students participate in regional, state, and national DECA Career Development Conferences. Students will be involved in the operation of the school store, “The Devil's Den”. In additional, DECA sponsors an annual Initiation and Installation Banquet, the annual “Winter Wonderland Semi-Formal”, as well as, its Fashion Fest for springtime prom fashions, where marketing and promotional knowledge is put to use. Students must be DECA members.

Work Co-op – students enrolled in marketing II are REQUIRED to work at a training station designed by the marketing coordinator for a minimum of 400 hours. The employer and the coordinator will supervise this phase of on-the-job training.