World Language

WELCOME to the World of Language!

World Language Office hours are Mondays 1:45-2:30



We are proud to offer our students classes in French, Italian, Spanish, and Spanish for native and heritage students.


 We offer the following classes and levels:

  • French I, II, III
  • Italian I, II, III, IV
  • Italian Honors III
  • Spanish for Native Speakers I, II
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers I, II
  • Spanish I, II, III, IV
  • Spanish Honors II, III, IV
  • A.P.Spanish
  • ESL Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced



Philosophy of the World Language Department


The World Language Department of West Haven High School believes that learning a foreign language develops communicative proficiency in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in meaningful and authentic real-life situations.  In our pluralistic American society and abroad, there is an ever-increased need to communicate.  This serves the national and state needs in commerce, education, and diplomacy.  Indeed, if our children are to take their proper place in this global society, they must be culturally and linguistically prepared.  Research proves that the study of a foreign language also improves skills in one’s native language.


In order to eliminate an ethnocentric view of the world, we must, through the learning of a foreign language, lead students toward cultural sensivity, appreciation, awareness and finally, acceptance of cultural differences.  Study of a foreign language and culture gives meaning to the media explosion about other countries.  This information is delivered to us through film, music, art, theater, or television.  Knowledge of a foreign language enriches us personally and often leads to the desire to learn more about other cultures through travel and study and to become better educated citizens of the world, more able to meet the challenge of the twenty-first century.