Educational Websites



Multi-Languages references:

 Duo Lingo
-Encourages students to progress in learning languages through gamifying its lessons.
-Courses are broken into small blocks. Main advantage is the visual vocabulary divided by thematic lessons.
-Offers six 12-week courses in a variety of languages. Has audio and video recordings, vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar activities.
 Tune      in
-Listen to live streamed radio from all over the world.
-Practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Interact with the international community of native speakers. Free lessons available on-the-go via Busuu's apps.
 Foreign Language Institute https:/
-The Foreign Language Institute features extensive text and audio resources. Lessons organized around grammar and repetition.
-Great website for visual learners. Features countless categories of user-generated mnemonic flash cards that rely on graphics, humor, and imagination to implant new vocabulary in your memory. This site hosts thousands of free courses in many languages.
Open Culture
-Learn languages through mp3 downloads you can load up and listen to later.
US Institute       of Languages
-Created by the US Institute of Languages to help bridge communication gaps caused by differences in language. It's based on the Visual Link teaching methodology.
Video Dictionary
-Video dictionary that defines and expresses words through images. It is suitable for language learners, both native speakers and students of English as another language. 

Italian references:


 Yahoo Italia  
 Italian/English dictionary  
 Online encyclopedia 
BBC Languages: Italian

-textbook website that students will receive the web codes to access this learning platform.
Language Immersion
-Authentic videos. Watch, listen, and learn.
Digital Dialects
-Vocabulary practice in game setting.
-Over 300,000 activities created by language teachers across the world! 
Future Learn
-Great free courses!

French references:

Allez Vien website
 BBC Languages: French 
 Yahoo Frances 
 Yahoo Québec

 Spanish references:

 Ven Conmigo
Spanish/English dictionary 
 BBC Languages: Spanish
 Yahoo EEUU en español 
 Study Spanish
-Has beginner, intermdiate, and advanced activities fro students. Students can create free membership and access to practice grammar and vocabulary skills, as well as pronuciation guides and cultural notes.
-Has explanations of different verb tenses and moods accompanied by practice activities. Students can also access some vocabulary practice and listening activities in a variety of langauges.
Los Destinos
-Los Destinos is a telenovela series produced specifically to teach speaking, listening, and comprehension skills. The series introduces students to a wide variety of accents of native Spanish speakers. There are also practice activities included at the end of each episode.