Mr. Pelatowski

Welcome to my page.  I am a social studies teacher who teaches Issues in Government.  My classroom is located in room E129 and can be reached at 937-4360 ext 7179.  Office hours are on Mondays, but I am also available on other days with notification.  Please feel free to contact me at  





Studying Issues in Government allows students to gain an understanding of several important topics in today's world.  Students begin the year understanding the basic principles of democracy, then examine critical documents such as the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Through debate, discussion, critical reading and writing, students explore topics such as abortion, immigration, capital punishment, affirmative action, and foreign policy. Students are encouraged to utilize modern technology in the classroom.






Other Clubs/Activities: Blended Learning, Discipline Committee


 Education: (B.S.) Southern Connecticut State University. (M.S.) Southern Connecticut State University, (6th year) Southern Connecticut State University. 

Favorite Subject:  I enjoy teaching any contemporary issue.   Teaching these issues allows students to take ownership of the learning process, establishes life-long learning, and prepares them for adulthood.