Senior Survival Guide

Senior Survival Guide

The College Application Process Made Easy



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Step 1:

Request Letters of Recommendation

  • Ask teachers (2 Academic Teachers) for letters of recommendation on Naviance (see directions below): Student is responsible for contacting the teacher andMUST provide teachers with the Teacher Brag Sheet
    • Click on “Colleges” and then “Colleges Home”
    • Scroll down to the “Apply to Colleges” section
    • Click on “Letters of Recommendation”
    • Click “Add Request”
    • Select 2 Teachers and add any specific comments necessary (ie. the colleges you are applying to)
    • Click on “Update Requests”
  • Ask school counselor for letter of recommendation: Student is responsible for filling out Counselor Brag

Sheet, completing resume (see directions below), and returning completed Counselor Parent Brag Sheet. This process must be completed in order to return your Parent Transcript Release Form and request transcripts

on Naviance.

  • About Me
  • Resume

Step 2:

Complete Parent Transcript Release Form

  • This form must be signed by a parent and brought to your school counselor, giving us permission to release

    your records. If a student is 18, he/she may sign the form. In order to submit this form, you must complete brag sheets and resume if a letter of recommendation is necessary.

    Step 3:

    Complete your College Applications/College Essay(s)

  • Students are responsible for mailing their applications (which will include your essay) or submitting their application electronically online. Make sure you observe deadline dates.

    Step 4:

    Request Transcripts

  • Students must request transcripts through Naviance at least 2 weeks before application is due.
    • Click on “College”(Home) and scroll down the page
    • Click on Manage Transcripts
    • Request Transcripts for my college applications
    • Fill out Type, College
    • Request Transcript

Step 5:

Request Test Scores

  • SAT & ACT Scores must be requested to be sent to colleges throughthe College Board and/or the ACT website (see if colleges are test optional on or on the college’s website)