Graduation Requirements
Minimum Requirements for Graduation 
1.   All students are required to take and successfully complete a minimum of 24 credits.
2.  The following course distribution requirements are needed  by all students to be eligible for graduation.  
A student must successfully pass the following: 
·        4 credits of English 
·        3 credits of mathematics 
·        3 credits of social studies 
          (one must be U. S. History and one  must be a civics credit)
·        3 credits of science 
·        1 credit of physical education 
·        1 credit of arts or vocational education 
·        9 credits of electives 
3.       A)   Any student who presents a certificate from  a physician stating that ordinary
                 physical education is  medically contraindicated will be excused from
                 the usual physical education activities.  
                 A program will be provided by the Physical  Education 
Department to meet
                 the student’s needs. 
          B)    One semester of unified health education is required
                  of all students in grade 10. 
          C)    Every student must demonstrate computer proficiency
                (usually completed by an approved course) 
          D)    ALL Grade 10 students must meet State goal,  
Level Four,
                 in each of the four subject areas of the   CAPT or attend and successfully
                 complete a CAPT session for each subject area where State goal is not met. 
                 Level One students must attend a 30 hour session and 
                 Level Two students must attend a 20 hour session. 
                 Students will also have the option of retaking the CAPT in their Junior year
                 in order to reach 
Level Four.  
               Failure to do so will prohibit the student from graduating. 



The yearly minimum number of successfully completed credits necessary for grade promotion is:

Freshman (9thgrade) to
Sophomore (10thgrade)


Sophomore (10thgrade) to
Junior (11thgrade)


Junior (11thgrade) to
Senior (12thgrade)