Mrs. Zakos, Reading Specialist

Mrs. Zakos

Reading Specialist

This school year I am working with students in English 1 Level 2 and English 2 Level 2 classes. We work on tier 2 academic vocabulary, reading strategies, oral communication and writing. I will be sharing different tier 2 academic vocabulary on this web page and different strategies I am emphasizing in the classroom.

The next few weeks we will be working on different comprehension strategies. We are working on questioning the text before, during and after reading. Students selected an article he/she found engaging to work on questioning as well as other strategies and skills such as identifying the main idea and key details.

The next few weeks I will be emphasizing the following Tier 2 academic words:


All 5 of these words assist with "adding" to writing and communication.

***You can find me all over WHHS, but my "home base" is B207. ***

My office hours are Tuesdays from 1:45-2:25

You can reach me at