AP Honors Biology

Course Description:
Welcome to AP Biology!  Advanced Placement Biology is a college-level course designed to conform to the Educational Testing Service Advanced Placement Biology program.  Appropriate, and ESSENTIAL, lab experiences are used which emphasize qualitative, quantitative and instrumental methods of analysis.  Lab activities are a key component to the course; participation and effort are required.  All students are expected to take the Advanced Placement Biology Exam in May, which may earn college credit and/or advanced standing.

Course Goals:
The two main goals of AP® Biology are:
1.    To help students develop a conceptual framework for modern biology
2.     To help students gain an appreciation of science as a process.
The subject of biology is constantly changing not only due to technological advances and ambitious young biologists leading to new biological discoveries, but also to the flattening of the world with infinite internet resources; breaking down the international borders and uniting biologists as equals, but also creating competition for research and careers..  In order for AP Biology students to excel through these changes, a grasp of science as a process rather than as an accumulation of facts; personal experience in scientific inquiry; recognition of unifying themes that integrate the major topics of biology; and application of biological knowledge and a grasp of critical thinking to environmental and social concerns.

Course Contracts and Syllabus

AP Biology Contract 2015-2016 Period 2.doc

AP Biology Contract 2015-2016 Period 6.doc

AP Biology Syllabus 2015.pdf​​

CollegeBoard AP Biology Manual

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AP Biology Summer Assignment

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