Environmental Science Dr. Milano

Greetings Families!

Hands Holding Earth.png
This class will teach you much of what you need to know about your impact on the Earth
and how to make this beautiful planet Greener.  

Below, click the Powerpoint you would like to view.
The Powerpoints are key components to understanding the concepts and performing well on tests. The best way to gain a strong understanding of Environmental concepts is to
Read Them Frequently!

Ch. 1 Introduction to Environmental Science
Ch. 2 Tools for Environmental Science.ppt
Ch. 3 Dynamic Earth.ppt
Ch. 4 The Organization of Life.ppt
Ch. 5 How Ecosystems Work.ppt
Ch. 7 Aquatic Ecosystems.ppt

Ch. 8 Populations.ppt
Ch. 9 The Human Population.ppt
Ch. 11 Water.ppt
Chapter 12 Air.ppt
Ch. 13 Atmosphere & Climate Change.ppt
Ch. 14 Land use.ppt
Ch. 14 Land 1.ppt
Ch. 17 Non-Renewable Energy.ppt

Ch. 18 Renewable Energy.ppt
Ch. 15 Food and Agriculture.ppt
Ch. 20 Environment & Human Health​​