Important Information for Parents

Indicators for students who may be at risk
for harmful/concerning behavior1

*History of a previous attempt or history of parent/ family depression or suicide
*Written or verbal statement of a wish to die
*Specific suicide plan
*Means to carry out plan (i.e. pills, gun)
*Preparation for death (i.e. giving away prized possessions, writing of a will)
*Inability to recognize that death is final and a desire to be reunited with someone who has died
*Preoccupation with death
*Severe depression or agitation
*Reckless, self-destructive or violent behavior
*A recent loss (i.e. death, divorce, relocation, illness, abuse, anniversary, relationship)
*Recent serious setback or failure at something important (i.e. rejection by college of choice)
*Change in behavior or personality
*Change in eating or sleeping habits
*Change in school performance
*Drug or alcohol abuse
*Fear of upcoming life change and the ability to handle it (i.e. graduation)
*Highly self-critical behavior
*Inability to concentrate
*Inability to cope with pressure or stress
*Inability to see options: a sense of hopelessness/helplessness
*Lack of inner resources to deal with anger or frustration
*Loss of a pet
*Low self-esteem
*Outbursts of anger
*Personal neglect
*Psychosomatic complaints or increased illness
*Social isolation/withdrawal from friends
*Unstable or unhappy family situation
(1) Adapted from WHHS Crisis Team Intervention Guide