Grading Policies

Each student’s grade will be based on tests, projects, class work, quizzes, labs, and homework.  The grades are broken down as follows:

      Tests/Projects/Labs              50-100 points
Quizzes                            25-75 points
Homework                         5-40 points
Classwork                         5-25 points

Missing Assignments:  
Absences-  If you are absent from class, it is up to the student to ask for and get any missing work they missed.  You have 2 days to get the missing work and turn it in.

Skipped Homework-  If a student did not turn in an assignment, they can turn it in the next school day (with teacher permission) for late credit.

Class Cut-  If a student cuts class, they will not receive credit for any assignments or get a chance to make up the assignment.

Missed Test- Students have a week to make up any missed tests due to absence.