Grading policy
I use a total points system for grades. All assignments in each quarter are worth an assigned number of points. At the end of each quarter points earned are divided by possible points and the grade is calculated. 
General Scoring Guidelines:
- tests and research projects = 100 points each.
-  quizzes and short essays = 30-50 points.
- homework and short class assignments = 10-20 points. 

Makeup work due to absence only: Students must ask for makeup work upon returning to class after any absence. This should be done on the first day back before or after class or during 7th period.

Makeup work should be done in a timely fashion depending on the length of absence (1 day out = 1 day extension, etc.). 

LATE WORK will not be accepted.  To help students to learn the study and work habits they need to succeed in college and the workplace, work is expected to be submitted on time.