College Signing Day 2016

signing day

We hope you are excited to celebrate during our May 6, 2016 College Signing Day and want to remind you there are a few important final steps these last weeks of your senior year so that you can participate. We want you to celebrate with your peers at College Signing Day this May 6, so be sure you are ready!

For example, last spring for Signing Day a few seniors who decided they were attending Southern had not followed instructions to "sign" or make their commitment to SCSU by the May 1 deadline so they missed out on a generous scholarship. Or Gateway students told us they were entering a degree program or even a trade like Auto or Railroad Technologies but had not "signed" or completed the steps to apply, or begun FAFSA for financial aid.

Signing Day is a celebration of your formal commitment to a college, trade or the military by May 1st!

You have March and the entire month of April, but before May 1:

-- You must follow all steps for a completed college application, and ask for help if you need it; some colleges, trade schools and community colleges are still accepting applications.

-- You must have received a letter or email congratulating you and indicating you have been accepted.

-- You should have applied for federal financial aid and have confirmation from FAFSA, since that is how most families borrow so you are able to attend college full-time.

-- You must commit to one college formally by following instructions sent to you, OR by completing the "steps to apply" links at your community college web site (placement testing, choosing classes, etc).

-- You must complete the Senior Survey, as Mrs. Benedetti's earlier email instructed.

If you are stuck, be sure to ask for help; it is late but you have time to complete the process and participate, since everyone needs a plan after high school and it should be a plan you know is right for you!

If you are a senior attending college in the fall but you have not focused on scholarships, Scholarship Club meets Mondays period 8; see Naviance under "colleges," "college visits" to register. The club can help that day's group apply for a certain scholarship, or you can feel free to bring an application we can help you complete for a different scholarship.