Welcome to Team UCONN

September 2011

Dear Student,

Congratulations!  You have been chosen to join Team UConn in West Haven High School’s Freshmen Academy! We have been preparing for our fantastic freshmen all summer, and we are excited to finally be meeting you. 

This year your teachers will be:

Miss. Goodwin - English

Mr. Klink - Biology

Mrs. Montano - Algebra

Mrs. Shanley - Global Studies

            In addition to the teachers mentioned, there will also be additional teachers that will visit classes every other day to team-teach with your subject teachers! 

They are:

Mrs. Kelly- Biology

Mrs. Lafo- Global Studies

Mrs. Ogren - Math

Mrs. Thomas- English

            We are looking forward to a fun-filled, educational school year.  To be successful on team UConn, here are some tips to follow!

Þ   Always be respectful of everyone in your classes.

Þ   Be prepared!  Bring a pen or a pencil, your notebook, textbook, agenda and homework to class with you every day. 

Þ   Be On Time!  Tardiness will result in detentions, referrals, suspensions, etc, so get to class on time every day!

Þ   Always wear on your Lanyard and ID. 

Þ   Leave all electronics at home.

Þ   Be positive!  Sometimes the work will be tough, but don’t give up.  We know you can do it!

Our first goal is to help you succeed this year, and we share this goal with every teacher and administrator in the school!  There are several people available to you to make your year run as smoothly as possible.  Just take a look at the West Haven High School Mission Statement to see how committed everyone is!


WHHS Mission Statement

We at West Haven High School:

Commit to an education that promotes critical thinking, communication and problem solving.

Advocate the development of Student talent as well as collaboration with parents and the local community.

Reinforce the values of mutual respect, courtesy, and diversity.

Encourage students to develop responsibility, accountability, and self-discipline.


            We are very proud of this mission statement, and we look forward to our fantastic freshmen helping us “Commit to, Advocate, Reinforce and Encourage” all the values we feel are important to our school. 

Enjoy your year!


The Teachers of Team UConn