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WHHS Counseling Update: June 8
Published on Sep 8, 2016 12:53

Sept. 8, 2016
Your monthly review of West Haven High School's School Counseling Department college and career reminders, calendar events, and parent tips.

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Mark your calendars:

SAT (at WHHS), Oct. 1: Regular registration is closed, but late registration is through Sept. 13. Students who receive free/reduced meal prices can get a waiver to take the SAT for free. See the School Counseling Office for a waiver.

Common Application Workshop, Sept. 22 & 27: Seniors are invited to receive assistance at WHHS in filling out the Common App, which is an application used by 500 colleges. Register on Naviance.

WHHS College/Career Fair, Oct. 5, 6-8:30 p.m.: Students in all grades and their parents/guardians are welcome. WHHS school counselors will be available for college procedural questions. College and career representatives will be visiting with students.

Common Application Workshop, Oct. 6 & 18: See description above. Seniors must register on Naviance.

PSAT for Gr. 9-11, Oct. 19, special schedule: Freshmen will take the 8/9 PSAT. Sophomores and juniors will take the PSAT. This is at no cost to students and will help them prepare for the SAT. Juniors may be eligible to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship based on scores.

 Greetings from School Counseling 
school counseling
To our returning students, welcome back! To our new students, we are excited to meet you! This year, we are also welcoming Deborah Kachmar as a new WHHS counselor (she was previously a counselor at Bailey Middle School) and Leonard Adams, our 2016-17 intern who is studying at Southern Connecticut State University.

School Counseling Staff for 2016-2017:

   Dr. Rose Paolino, A-Ba, Pellot - Phifer

Mrs. Norma Merced, Bb-Dao, Pico - Ramirez

Mrs. Heather Kannengeiser, Daog-Gum, Rosario - Sandler

Mrs. Heather Doraz, Gun-L, Ramos – Ronan

Ms. Dora Barnes, M-PAU, Santaliz—Shabz

Mrs. Deborah Kachmar, Pav-Smith (grade 9) & Special Services A-Z

Mrs. Holly Benedetti, Sn-Z, Serenson – Smith

Mr. Leonard.Adams, Intern

Essentials for the 2016-17 school year

Parent-Student-School Compact
(grade-by-grade ways to prepare for college and career)

Senior College Handbook

Freshman Handbook


Parent Portal/Power School sign-in


 Updates by grade

FRESHMAN will be introduced to their school counselor in small groups in September to discuss schedules, graduation requirements and procedures, and the WHHS Freshman Handbook.

SOPHMORES and JUNIORS will receive information for the PSAT, which will be given on Wednesday, Oct. 19, at WHHS for free. The opportunity to participate in the PSAT fosters the decision-making for college/career planning and allows juniors to qualify for National Merit Scholarships and other forms of financial assistance.

SENIORS will be meeting with their school counselor in September and October for their individual portfolio session and will formulate a short list of colleges in which they are interested in applying. Graduation requirements and postsecondary planning will be discussed. Seniors will also sign a contract which will be mailed home regarding their graduation requirements.

ALL GRADES are required to use Naviance, an online college and career planning program
. All college visits, campus visits, special programs, and on-site college interviews will be emailed and posted on Naviance. Students may attend events only if they register for them on Naviance. Freshmen will be introduced to Naviance in September and October, and parent codes will be mailed. For students and parents who already have a code, please remember to use Naviance throughout the year. If you forgot your password, click on the link “forgot Password” and it will be emailed to you.


Common App workshop sign-ups

Seniors are invited to attend Common Application workshops on Sept. 22 and 27 and Oct. 6 and 18 at WHHS from 12:15 p.m. through last period. The Common Application is a universal application used by colleges across the country. Students will receive assistance filling out the Common App, as well as the various forms that accompany the application. Once the application is completed, copies can be sent to participating colleges. Interested students should sign up on Naviance under the “colleges” tab and the “view all upcoming college visits" link. 

Senior transcript release procedure

1) Parent Release Form: Before you can request transcripts for college or scholarships, you must have a Parent Release Form on file with your counselor. Forms are available in School Counseling, on Naviance, or on whhs.whschools.org.

2) Transcripts: Request a transcript for each college/scholarship to which you are applying, whether you are applying online or using a paper application, by submitting a transcript request via Naviance/Family Connection. There are NO PAPER request forms.

Please note: Transcript requests should be submitted two weeks prior to deadline date. Please visit the School Counseling Department if you need assistance in requesting a transcript.
College application procedure

* Students are responsible for contacting the College Board or ACT in order to have their official SAT or ACT Score Reports sent to the colleges in which they are applying.

* West Haven High School does not send SAT/ACT scores to the colleges. Official scores are required by the colleges via College Board and ACT.

* Students are responsible for notifying the school counseling office and their counselor in a timely manner, when completing a college application online by requesting a transcript via Naviance.

* All College Application and Request for Letters of Recommendation Procedures are in the College Procedural Handbook which will be given to all seniors in September and can also be found on the WHHS website.

College rep visits to WHHS
College representatives will visit WHHS throughout the fall to give interested students more information about their schools. Signing up through Naviance is required.

King's College

Period 7 Room D16



University of Southern Maine

Period 5 Room D16



Springfield College

 Period 5 Room D16



Central Connecticut State University

Period 6 Room D16



University of Maine

 Period 7 Room D16



Lasell College

 Period 7 Room D16



Dartmouth College

 Period 4 Room D16



 Yale University

 Period 6 Room D16



University of Hartford

 Period 2 Room D16



Southern Vermont College

Period 4 Room D16



Sacred Heart University

Period 6 Room D16



University of Connecticut

Period 3 Room D16



Southeastern University

Period 4 Room D16



Southern Connecticut State University

Period 5 Room D16



Castleton University

Period 2 Room D16



Lincoln University

 Period 4 Room D16



Western Connecticut State University

 Period 7 Room D16



University of New Haven

 Period 6 Room D16



Rider University

 Period 7 Room D16



Manhattan College

Period 6 Room D16



Merrimack College

 Period 2 Room D16



SAT & ACT dates

Remember, students who receive free/reduced meal prices can get a waiver to take the SAT for free. See the School Counseling Office for a waiver.

SAT Test Dates (2016)

Registration Deadlines

Late Registration Deadlines

October 1 (WHHS)

September 1

September 13

November 5 (WHHS)

October 7

October 18

December 3

November 3

November 15

ACT Test Dates (2016)

Registration Deadlines

Late Registration Deadlines

September 10

August 5

August 6-19

October 22

September 16

September 17-30

December 10

November 4

November 5-18


Wendy High School Heisman scholarship, due Oct. 3:
For senior athletes (participating in a sport) who excel in academics with a B or better GPA and are involved in the community (actively doing community service). The first 1,000 applicants receive a $10 Wendy's gift card. Click here to apply.

Counselor Directory, by student's last name

WHHS phone: 203-937-4360

Rose Paolino
x7118 A-Ba, Pellot - Phifer

Norma Merced
x7124 Bb-Dao, Pico - Ramirez

Heather Kannengeiser
x7123 Daog-Gum, Rosario - Sandler

Heather Doraz
x7121 Gun-L, Ramos - Ronan

Dora Barnes
x7120 M-PAU, Santaliz - Shabz

Deborah Kachmar
x7122 Pav-Smith (grade 9) & special services A-Z

Holly Benedetti
x7119 Sn-Z, Serenson - Smith

Teresa Heaney
Secretary x7147

Dina Robinson
Clerk x7117