Midterm Exams 2017
Midterm Exams will be held at WHHS on January 17-20, 2017. 

Click here for the midterm exam schedule.

Click here for FAQ about midterms.

Modified schedules will not be honored during the midterm exams. If a student must leave, he or she should bring in a dismissal note from a parent.

NOTE: Buses will run on a normal schedule. Additional Midterm Bus Service: Students who do not have a 7:30am exam will have bus transportation to school at 9:30am. Students should be a bus stops at 9:00am. There will be three dismissal buses: 1:45pm (regular dismissal); 2:15pm (lunch wave dismissal); and 2:35pm (late bus dismissal)

* If school is cancelled on one of the exam days, all exams will move to the next school day. (Example: If school is cancelled on Wednesday, January 18th, the period 3 & 4 exams will be held on Thursday, January 19th and the periods 5 & 6 exams on January 20th, etc.)

* In the event of a two-hour delayed opening, midterm exams will still be held with dismissal at the regular time (1:45pm)