WHHS Attendance Policies

Attendance definition

For a student to be considered “in attendance,” he/she must be present at his/her assigned school or an approved activity sponsored by the school, such as a field trip, for at least half of the regular school day. A student not meeting this definition is considered absent for daily attendance and truancy purposes.

Attendance points

In order to receive credit for any class, a student must not accumulate more than 16 attendance points in that class. Attendance points are accumulated in the following way:

Unexcused Absence-1 point

Parent Documented Absence-1 point

Field Trip/Code 79/OAA- ¼ of a point

Medical Note- ½ of a point (doctor’s note MUST be brought in to the main office within 1 week of absence.)

Class Cut- 5 points

Tardy- ¼ of a point

Late Absence- 1 point

Students who accumulate more than sixteen attendance points in any class will receive a grade of LC (lost credit) on their end-of-year report card and transcript. The grade the student would have received will appear in the comment section, however their official grade will be LC and no credit will be issued. Students who accumulate more than sixteen points in a full year class may request an appeal in the month of May. No appeals will be allowed for half-year classes. Doctor’s notes MUST be on file within 1 week of absence or will not be considered during appeal process.