Student Activities

Association of Multicultural and Bilingual Students
Advisor:  Mrs. Charbonneau
Meeting Time:  3rd Tuesday of each month.
Willingness to work for the school and community.
Volunteer hours may be placed toward community service hours.
PURPOSE:  Help WHHS, as well as the community at large, break the language and cultural barriers that separate the population.  AMBiS does this by orienting immigrant families and students, and also by helping residents to understand the newcomers.


Meeting Time:  Any information will be distributed by World Language teacher during class.
Students must be enrolled in French, Italian, Spanish or English as a Second Language.
PURPOSE:  To promote and embrace cultural awareness and diversity.

Adviser:  Ms. Marcella
Meeting Time:  Period 8. Band is a class which students receive one (1) full credit.
Membership requirements:  Previous membership in elementary, Middle or High School-approval of Band Director.  Attendance at rehearsal performances is mandatory. 
PURPOSE:  The class is designed for those students who are interested in developing their proficiency in concert, marching and ensemble techniques. Emphasis is put on developing individual musical talents, ensemble coordination and group responsibility.

Adviser:  Mrs. Silver
Meeting Time:  Period 5, 6, 7.
Membership requirements:  By audition only
PURPOSE:  Period 5-Camerata (Audition) A choral musical ensemble that performs advanced music from the masters to contemporary music and jazz, by audition and permission of the Director.
Period 7-Chorus (audition and approval) Serious minded students who wish to have musical experience in singing with a mixed chorus. Concert performances are mandatory.
Period 6-Bel Canto (Audition) Finest members of the choral department. Most rigorous choral program. Concert performances are mandatory.

Adviser:  Mrs. Cahill
Meeting Time:  First Thursday of the Month
Membership requirements:  Interest in Math
PURPOSE:  Compete in Math with other high schools in Math Competitions. Local and Greater New Haven Math League, Statewide, Regional and National.

Future Business Leaders of America
Adviser:  Mr. Marrocco, Room D204
Meeting Time:  As scheduled
Membership requirements:  Open membership to all students.
PURPOSE:  A premier organization that prepares students for careers in business. Scholarship and career opportunities, networking, professional and social development.

Advisers:  Mrs. C. Montano and Ms. A. Goodwin
Meeting Time:  Friday's, 1:45 - 2:30 P.M.
Membership requirements:  Juniors selected through application, teacher recommendations and an interview.
PURPOSE:  Based on the belief that young people should help each other. Training for all PAs includes interpersonal relations, self-awareness and communication skills. Also includes training in assisting others with alcohol and drug addiction, peer pressure and other vital teenage challenges. PAs assist and conduct support to programs such as assistance in health classes, freshmen orientation, assisting new and transfer students, support to teachers and administrators.

Advisers:  Ms. Joanne Zuk and Ms. Monica Thomas

Meeting Time:  Wednesday's in September.
Membership requirements:  All students, in particular, Seniors. Each class is encouraged to organize Homecoming events such as Spirit Week, Pep Rally, Dance, Coronation, and Homecoming Festival

The West Haven Renegade Knights
Adviser:  Mr. Scott Schevling, Room C202, x419
Meeting Time:  After school, Mondays and Wednesday.
Membership requirements:  Open to all, a desire to learn and have fun.
PURPOSE:  A fascinating game, it may be enjoyed at all levels. Chess is a tool for teaching critical thinking skills, problem-solving. Through self-motivation, students learn to analyze a situation by focusing on important factors and eliminating distractions. Chess teaches young people how to think under pressure, gain self-esteem, win gracefully and accept defeat.  All member participate in tournaments, obtain the official US Chess Federation rating and top rated players compete on an inter-scholastic level.  WHHS State Chess Champions-1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. 2004-Eastern Class Champs and U1500 National High School Chess Champions (Dallas, TX)

Adviser:  Mr. Bonito email:    
Meeting Time: After school 
PURPOSE:  Instill lessons of golf: respect, perseverance, sportsmanship, courtesy, leadership, responsibility, honesty. Intra-squad matches.

Adviser:  Mr. McKee
Meeting Time:  2nd Tuesday of each month.
Must be enrolled in Marketing & Management I or II.  Associate membership also available. Requires dues payment to State and National DECA.
PURPOSE:  Leadership, development, social intelligence, vocational understanding, civic consciousness. Develop future leaders in marketing, merchandising, management and entrepreneurship.  Regional, State and National DECA Conferences. Banquet, Winter Wonderland, Semi-Formal Dance, Fashion Fest, sponsor of Project Graduation.

Advisers: Mrs. Debra Suraci and Ms Tracey Acquarulo 
Meeting Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays after school or as needed.
Interest in photography, writing, sales, layout design. Open to all students. Desktop publishing.
PURPOSE: The Blue Flame staff works together to produce a yearbook which will reflect the activities of the WHHS students during the school year.

Adviser:  Officer Simone Blount
Meeting Time:  Practice 2-3 times weekly after school in the cafeteria.
Attitude, charisma, skills and confidence.
PURPOSE:  To perform at school events.

Adviser:  Jill Woychowski
Meeting Time:  Third Monday of each month.
A book review club.
PURPOSE:  To develop a love of reading and literature.

Adviser:  Mrs. Margaret Maher
Meeting Time: Rehearsals for the (non musicals) are held after school until 4:00 PM. rehearsals for the musicals are in the evening 6:30-9:30 PM. Saturdays as needed.
Requirements: Auditions or volunteers for technical crew.
PURPOSE:  Provide students with opportunity to perform and enhance student acting skills both technically and creatively.  Three productions per year. One main stage play in the fall, one main stage musical in the spring and one student directed/produced performance in the Black Box Theater.

Adviser:   Mrs. Brackenbury and Mrs. Lynch
Meeting Time: Once or twice a month or when needed, depending on deadlines.
Requirements: 9-12 graders with an interest in learning journalism and improving their interviewing and writing skills.
PURPOSE:  The Rostrum, the school newspaper, provides the opportunity for all students to become in the journalms process. Students will have the opportunity to work in the following areas:  writing (editorial, news, features, sports, creative), word processing, photography, advertising, circulation (subscriptions, sales, distribution). The Rostrum is published quarterly and is printed in school by the Advance Graphic Communications Technology class.  Membership is maintained with the Quill and Scroll which is the International Honorary School for Journalism.

Adviser:  Ms. Chrystal Fanelli
Meeting Time:  Monthly. Special Activities necessitate special meeting times.
Requirements:  Membership in the WHHS Chapter of the National Honor Society is offered to students who exhibit the qualities of scholarship, character, leadership and service.  Juniors and Seniors are invited after the second semester to submit an application packer to the NHS Faculty Council. Each candidate must achieve a cumulative honors GPA and be currently enrolled in or have successfully completed at least one full credit in the Honors Program. Each qualified candidate is then evaluated on the basis of service, leadership and character. Examples of character include honesty, respect and adherence to rules inside and outside of school, courtesy, empathy and respect for others and the ability to overcome setbacks. Having a positive influence in the classroom, demonstrating the value of academic pursuits and serving as a positive role model are some examples of leadership qualities. The service requirement is demonstrated through school activities such as peer tutoring or advocacy, teacher assistance or participation in athletics, clubs and organized activities.  Community examples include Scouts, WHEAT, Community House, civic organizations and house of worship activities. An individualized service project (fulfilling 40 service hours) is encouraged following acceptance and induction into the National Honor Society.

Adviser:  Mr. Richard DeBiase and Ms. Andrea Antonucci
Meeting Time:  Wednesday, 1:45 in E214 
Requirements: An interest in creative arts
PURPOSE:  To provide an opportunity for students to participate in the decision-making process, editing, organizing and layout of our annual creative arts magazine, West Whims.  Special Events-October to January: Entire staff rates student poetry submitted for publication. February:  Editors select artwork, photography, short stories and poetry to be published. March:  Layout Editors help with the layout of the magazine using InDesign. May:  Magazine is sold by all West Whims members.

Adviser:  Mr. Camara
Meeting Time:  Every day, 7:15 - 7:50 AM
Requirements: Interest in television production and/or announcing. Also, interest in producing videos and editing.
PURPOSE:  The morning announcement team broadcasts the news of the school day each day to over 1500 high school students. The crew also produces video features on special events both in and out of the school.  Lectures, guest speakers, pep rallies, special classes, birthdays, holiday announcements. Contests are held along with fund raisers and club promotions.

Adviser:  Ms. Deborah MacNeil
Meeting Time:  Mondays, after school 
Requirements: An interest in computers
PURPOSE:  The computer club aims to advance the knowledge and skills of its members in the uses of applications of computers. The club provides its members with a form to exchange ideas, troubleshoot computer problems and share
techniques. Emphasis is placed on freeware, computer programming and web design. MINDCRAFT is also one of the big focuses.

Meeting Time:   First and Third Wednesday of Every Month
Requirements: None
PURPOSE:  YEO is a unifying advocacy group fighting ignorance and intolerance in the school and local community through unique education and conflict resolution strategies.

Adviser:  Ms. Antonucci/Room F204
Requirements: Open to all students
PURPOSE: The GSA is a support and social group for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual students and their allies. Our goal is to foster a community of acceptance and tolerance among students, faculty and staff. Awareness activities and educational field trips are planned annually. For more information contact Ms. Antonucci in F204.

Adviser:  Mr. Richard DeBiase
Requirements: Interest in animation
PURPOSE:  The Anime Club was created to foster a place where all students who have an interest in animation can meet to share ideas, learn about different cultures that create animation and watch samples of animation from around the world. Featured activities include:  Japanese Language Lessons, how to draw Manga (drawing lesson), viewing of selected animation (based on members votes) and election of Club officers.

Adviser:  Mr. Liam Leapley
Requirements:  Environmentally conscious individuals
PURPOSE:  The Grass Roots Action Club (GRAC) is a club for those who are concerned with the environment and the West Haven community. The club seeks to educate the general public regarding local environments. The club's mission is:  PROTECT, RECYCLE, IMPROVE, and DEDICATION TO THE ENVIRONMENT.

WEE Women's Empowerment through Education
Adviser: Ms. Palmer
Requirements:  Interest in learning about women's issues and helping women across the world.
WEE is a club formed with the goal of educating others about women's issues such as: domestic violence, eating disorders and heart disease. This club will do fundraising for agencies that help girls in other countries (ex.: paying for educational costs)

FCCLA:  Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
Adviser:  Mr. Dana Kent
Requirements: Not to exceed 16 members.
PURPOSE:  Current food trends, restaurant operations, ice cream making, gourmet pizza, marketing food products, plating designs, pastry, breads and rolls, nutritional menu items. The club will be funded through sales from products produced by FCCLA members during meetings.