Career and Technology Education
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Welcome to the Career and Technology Education Department

The Career and Technology Education Department is a diverse department composed of the following areas of study: Family and Consumer Sciences, Technology Education, Medical Careers and Broadcast Media.

The Career and Technology Department (CTE) is committed to providing cutting-edge, rigorous and relevant career and technical education that will prepare students for post-secondary college and career success. We strive to offer students classes that expose students to a wide variety of life skills that ultimately enrich their lives beyond high school.  Our program emphasizes hands-on learning and develops academic and technical knowledge, and application skills.  We engage students in exciting activities that promote success and inspire a spirit of life-long learning.  Through collaborating with families, community, post-secondary institutions, and business partners, we continually look to increase our students’ educational opportunities.   We are committed to making a real difference in students’ lives.  

Teachers in Technology Education exercise unique approaches to office hours. Rather than limit themselves to a set day, they allow students to decide if and when extra help is needed. Our teachers pride themselves in accommodating the needs of our students.

Technology Education is a comprehensive, action-based, educational program that centers itself around the ways the the human culture communicates, manufactures, constructs and transports societal needs.  The activities and content of the programs are designed to make all students technologically literate and to give them the ability to adapt to the ever-changing technological world. The central role of Technology Education is to offer a curriculum that provides the student with basic understandings and skills to function effectively in society.


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This program prepares the student who is interested in a health-related career, and students who complete all the courses in the program are eligible to become CNAs, or Certified Nursing Assistants. Courses combine classwork with clinical experience to assist the student in gaining the experience necessary to become certified.


Video Production


West Haven High School's video production studio is "state of the art." It produces the school's daily news show and teaches students about camera work, script-writing, news gathering, public speaking, interviewing and technology that goes into making a show.


Family and Consumer Science

 berriesFamily and Consumer Science uniquely blends academic and vocational competencies in a changing world; it is, therefore, a vital component of comprehensive education.