Theater Workshop

Margaret Maher, Director
Sean Maher, Choreographer
Phyllis Silver, Musical Director

The West Haven High School Theatre Workshop has been under the direction of Mrs. Margi Maher since September 2000, introducing students to all aspects of production.

Each year the WHHSTW presents a main stage production in the fall as well as a musical in the spring. In our 2003 - 2004 season, the first ever student directed production was performed in the Frank Albright Black Box Theater and that has remained a tradition ever since.

Auditions are open to all students who attend West Haven High School and no experience is necessary.

Upcoming Events for 2019-20:

Fall Play

Spring Musical

March 19th - 21st

PillowTime Children's Theatre

December 7th

Senior Directed Play

May 14th

Please contact Mrs. Maher at for more information regarding any of our upcoming theatrical events.