Physical Education and Health

The mission of the health and physical education department is to provide a planned, sequential and comprehensive curriculum that focuses on cognitive content and learning experiences in a variety of activity  areas, such as basic movement skills, physical fitness, and team, dual and individual sports.

The curriculum is also intended to motivate students to maintain and improve their health now and later in life.

The health and physical education curriculum includes the following programs.


Physical Education Units:

Students choose and rotate to different units every few weeks.

Flag Football
Ice Skating
Floor Hockey
Weight Training
CT Fitness Test
Ultimate Frisbee
Cooperative Games/Activity


Health(e) Teen — This is offered to West Haven High School students in grade ten in collaboration with Yale University’s Nursing Program. The class is a school-based Internet obesity program for adolescents and consists of eight lessons on healthy eating and physical activity that are meant to be provided one to two times a week over four to eight weeks.

Teen Outreach Program — This program is offered by West Haven High School in collaboration with Family Centered Services of CT. The curriculum covers relationships, goal-setting, decision-making, and adolescent development, among other topics. Students plan service projects and are expected to participate in at least twenty hours of service learning.