Special Education Department



Roger Erickson Department Head/Inclusion Specialist
Carissa Anastasio
Inclusion Specialist (Social Studies Dept)
Suzanne Bova  Paraprofessional
Joe Carr Special Education Teacher PACE Program
Sue Curley Inclusion Specialist
Carol Jacobs Inclusion Specialist (English Dept)
Mary Van Deun School Psychologist
Kathy Dorman
Skyla Drader School Social Worker
 Anya Farber  Inclusion Specialist
Michelle Kelly  
Inclusion Specialist (Science Dept)
Latisha Gayle Speech and Language Specialist
Liam Leapley PACE program
Kerry Martin Inclusion Specialist (Social Studies and English Dept)
Lynn Mihalyak Special Education Teacher and Internship Program (Click here to view pictures from the Internship Program)
Mary Moore
Inclusion Specialist and Self-Contained teacher for Math
Donna Morgan Inclusion Specialist (Social Studies Dept)
Chris Savva School Social Worker
Tom Sullivan  Hearing Specialist
Joseph Torre Inclusion Specialist (Math Dept)
Leona Tremblay Paraprofessional
Brooke Penna
School Social Worker

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