The study of a world language is an option elected by the student; therefore, it is not a requirement for high school graduation. Many colleges and universities favorably look upon the student who can succeed in the two-three year study of the same language. We recommend that the college-bound student seriously plan to commit to three years.  
Our department applies the standards of student behavior as stated in the student handbook.
In addition, we afford our students the respect, compassion, fairness and empathy that they deserve and, likewise, we expect the same in return. At the beginning of the school year, all world language teachers share with their students and send home to the parents their grading policies and student expectations. Many teachers, throughout the school year, employ a computerized grading program that clearly displays each students grading average. These grades are distributed to the students during the established progress report timeline. Also, students receive, in advance, a grading rubric (list) of the teacher's expectations for all portfolio (oral and written) and class presentation assignments.


Academic Expectations for Student Performance 

West Haven High School students will focus their learning on:

Critical and Creative Problem Solving.
   Constructing and/or Analyzing Arguments      
    Based on Evidence.
   Meaningful and Fluent Communication.
   Digital and Informational Literacy.

Social Expectations for Students

West Haven High School students will focus their learning on:

 Actively participating, within the school community, both independently and collaboratively.
•    Taking responsibility for their actions and obligations.

Civic Expectations for Students

West Haven High School students will focus their learning on:
  • Demonstrating respect for themselves and others.
  • Promoting a positive and safe school climate.
  • Promoting and demonstrating the components of a healthy lifestyle.
In addition, World Language students are expected to: 
  • arrive to class on time.
  • come prepared with book, notebook, worksheets and pen.
  • treat others with respect.
  • follow the classroom rules.
  • complete homework on a regular basis.
  • participate in paired or group activities.
  • take notes.
  • complete a performance task each marking period.
  • demonstrate comprehension on tests, quizzes, writing and listening assignments and group work.
  • identify verb tenses.
  • memorize vocabulary and verbs.
  • use the target language in class.
  • make-up work during designated office hours.