Devils Den School Store

devils den

The Devils Den Store is on the top floor of West Haven High School in Room E207 and serves students, staff and parents. The store has a wide variety of WHHS spirit apparel available in the store and can order additional designs and sizes upon request. You will also find school supplies, small gifts, toiletries and other miscellaneous items for sale. Though the venture is supervised by teachers in the WHHS business department, students staff the store and assist with purchases and custom orders. The store benefits the entire Blue Devil community while giving WHHS teens the chance to get real-life business experience and develop customer service skills.  Contact us at or203-937-4360 X7309.

The store underwent an official grand reopening in the fall of 2014, as it was not open during the 2013-14 school year and previously did not sell Westie Wear. Thank you for your interest in the Devils Den Store and for helping us make this a successful and sustainable enterprise.