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Please remember that using the LMC is a privilege
Breaking the rules, results in loss of this important privilege

LMC Pass Procedure
 •A student may obtain a pass from any of their subject teachers to use LMC  during their study or
   lunch period, not another class.  Students that want to come to LMC daily during study/lunch,  
   must  have their name added to LMC sign-in notebook. All students must sign in appropriately
   and report directly to LMC. When you come daily this way, you forgo getting a pass.
•Study hall teachers, substitute teachers, or teachers covering classes cannot issue passes to the
   students for LMC. 
•During a scheduled class, a student must present a pass with an assignment/homework,
  and sign in on the YELLOW sheet.  (unless they are with a scheduled class)
LMC Scheduled Classes
•Classroom teachers may send a student to the LMC (with a green pass) to work on a project.
  The teacher calls (x7125) and confirms that the student may be accommodated in the LMC.
•Unless previously planned by classroom teacher with LMC staff, substitute teachers cannot bring
  a class to LMC.

 Password Instructions-Staff
 GOOGLE Classroom Manual
 Google Classroom Support

Technology Tools 

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 "What a school thinks about its library 
    is a measure of what it thinks about education." 
       Harold Howe, former Commissioner of Education

The role of the Library Media program at WHHS:
 r Support learning and teaching
Provide information access and delivery
 q Encourage learning and reading for a lifetime
 q Manage print and electronic resources needed for optimal learning


Mrs. Marilyn Lynch,
  Library Media Specialist   x7125
WHHS Class of 1979 
B.S., Business, Boston University,
M.A. Communication, Fairfield Univeristy
M.L.S., Ed., SCSU
CT School Admin. (092),
Sacred Heart Univ
Mrs. Jillian Woychowski,
  Library Media Specialist  x7125
WHHS Class of 1998
B.S. English, M.A. Ed. and Women's Studies SCSU
+60 CSU and UCSD
Mrs. Diane Taylor, Library Clerk x7317
Mrs. Carol Treacy, Library Aide
 LMC    203-937-4360  x7125
Computer Lab x7271
Mr. Joe Winters, Para Tech.
Webmaster:  Marilyn Lynch