School Counseling

School Counseling

Each student
 at West Haven High School is encouraged to see his or her counselor on a regular basis during non-class time (i.e. study hall/lunch). Every school counselor is here to listen, to support, and to help every student develop through the implementation of a Comprehensive School Counseling Program.  This entails academic, career, and personal/social planning for ALL students.  As school counselors, we enjoy helping and learning from our students. Remember...a question or concern never stated is one that is never answered.  

Dr. Paolino


Ext. 7118

Mrs. Merced


Ext. 7124

Mrs. Kannengeiser


Ext. 7123

Mrs. Doraz


Ext. 7121

Mrs. Kachmar


Ext. 7120

Mrs. Benedetti


Ext. 7119

Miss Saunders


Teresa Heaney


Ext. 7147

Robin Lublin

Data Entry Clerk

Ext. 7117


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