School Counseling Week 2016
counseling week

West Haven High School celebrated School Counseling Week in February and highlighted ingredients of our counseling program’s "Recipe for Success." The week also included two "Coffee with a Counselor" sessions for parents to meet with their students' counselor and learn about student resources and opportunities.

Recipe for Success

Ingredient #1: Student Expectation

Are you happy with your grades so far this year? What are your expectations for yourself? Is it to make the honor roll? Perhaps to excel in your favorite course?

School counselors work with all students to remove barriers to learning by addressing students’ concerns. Stop by the School Counseling Office and make an appointment if you need support to meet your self-expectations.

Tip of the Day:  Have your best work by writing your assignments in a daily planner, following directions, taking your time, and asking for help. All of these actions are ways to take responsibility for your schoolwork and are important for your academic success!

Ingredient #2: College/Career Planning

Not sure what direction you are going as it relates to a job, career or college? Remember your School Counselor can assist you with these plans. School Counselors are here to assist students in understanding factors important to postsecondary success, to help students determine which of those factors they may need help acquiring, and how to find that help.

Tip of the Day:  Research colleges and careers in Naviance so you have an idea of what you would like to do in the future. Then, plan ahead!

Ingredient #3: School Resources

Do you know the resources that WHHS has to support your success? Did you know that your involvement in a club or sport is the use of school resources? Remember that you should also be doing community service as you think about your college and career plans. The School Counseling Office and the Career Center can help you locate places for community service.

Tip of the Day: If you haven’t already, begin your resume on Naviance to keep track of your activities, awards, and special recognitions. In addition, complete the “Recipe for Success” Survey on Naviance. There will be one winning prize, per grade, for completing the survey.

Ingredient #4: Naviance

Naviance is the best source of knowledge for your planning after high school. It is important to identify your skills early and what career may interest you. Naviance can support the research of all of your plans and needs. If you need assistance, please see your school counselor or visit the Career Center.

REMINDER: Complete the “Recipe for Success” Survey on Naviance. There will be one winning prize, per grade, for completing the survey.