Grading Policy
My grading policy is based on the total points system. Students will have the opportunity to earn points in several areas in a studio environment (Advanced Painting 1 and 2, Cartooning, Photography, and Art (general intro).  Those opportunities present themselves in Project Grades, Homework Grades, Class Room Assignments, and Studio Grades.

Project Grades ​ Project grades are based on long term assignments that take several weeks. These are 100 point grades.

​Homework Grades ​ Homework Grades are worth 12 points each. Typically we have eight homework assignments per marking period. Homework is due every Thursday and will be accepted up to seven days late (no more).

​Class Room Assignments ​ Include any written work, reading or class room participatory assignments. Class Room assignments are typically worth 10 to 20 points

​Studio Grade  ​The Studio Grade is a weekly grade based on a students work ethic and time management. Being late to class, failing to get to work, your ability to setup and cleanup are all things that effect the quality of your work and raise or lower your Studio Grade.  The Studio Grade will be 25 points weekly (five points per class).