Academic Biology

Academic Biology Contracts

Course Description:

Biology I is a course offered to all students entering the ninth grade at West Haven High School.  Students will  be exposed to the major topics and themes that are addressed in the Connecticut State Science Framework.  Topics will include eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell structure and function, general chemistry and biochemistry, molecular genetics, cell division, inheritance patterns, disease transmission and prevention, evolution by natural selection, and human effects in the environment.

Student Expectations

Students will:
•    Demonstrate the ability to accurately implement verbal and/or written directions during science classroom and laboratory activities.
•    Demonstrate the ability to relate science concepts and theories in a variety of formats.
•    Illustrate the ability to work independently and collaboratively to conduct scientific inquiry.
•    Demonstrate the skilled use of a variety of technologies to enhance scientific skills and learning.
•    Connect scientific concepts, principles, and applications to every day life.

Biology (Academic) Contract 2015-16.doc