MR. BONITO                                      




                                            Physics is the study of natural phenomenon. This subject is basic to the fundamental understanding of all science. The topics we will cover in this course will include Kinematics (motion), Dynamics (causes of motion), light, electricity, and magnetism with emphasis on unit description and detailed measuring. Laboratory experiments are an integral part of this course and are designed to reinforce each unit of concentration.

Students are rarely asked to memorize details; rather, they are led to understand the basis for each major physics concept.



                                                  All students will need a notebook specifically devoted to this subject and a scientific calculator. Projects assigned throughout this course are done on an individual basis unless otherwise specified. Some projects will require ingenuity and the practical application of some basic materials towards construction. All projects are considered to be laboratory experiments. Some projects will be assigned for homework. Standard laboratory experiments are generally preformed in the science lab.  Occasionally, we may require the use of outside facilities and weather can be a delaying factor.  SAFETY IS FIRST AND FOREMOST. THE USE OF GOGGLES WILL BE ENFORCED WHEN WORKING ON PROJECTS WITH POTENTIALLY HARMFUL MATERIALS, SITUATIONS OR EQUIPMENT. FOOLING AROUND IS A VIOLATION OF THE SAFETY RULES.



                              Wednesday's 1:45p.m.-2:30 p.m, or by appointment on a daily basis.



                     Tests: 200 points

                 Quizzes: 100 points

  Lab/Lab Reports: 100 points

            Homework:   10 points                                                                                                                                                

Class Preparation:     10 points (Will be used as a “Spot Check” for books, calculators, and notebooks).

        Extra Credit:     Generally NONE. This usually means your in need of EXTRA HELP. I do give extra help. However, if there is someone who can provide an outstanding benefit to the overall class understanding of physics, above and beyond the norm, it will be considered.

      Bonus Points: If you have all the required assignments completed at the end of each marking period, in the designated time frame, additional points based on the overall class average, a curve, may be applied to improve your grade. 

           Notebooks:   100 points



                                                     Attendance is mandatory and is recorded at the start of every period. A pass is required after the second bell. Providing a pass does not excuse a tardy or an absence. Students are expected to be in their designated seats at the beginning of each class ready to participate. You will need your textbook, notebook , and calculator every day. Inappropriate behavior, generally, will first be warned, then secondly, referred to the provost for disciplinary action. Socializing during class is not acceptable. Class is not over until the bell rings. Please do not stand up in anticipation of the bell. The student notebook should be dated daily. Your notebook is where all of your class notes and homework is checked by the teacher. Have it out, open, and ready to begin. State law prohibits any eating or drinking in a science lab room. Please don’t challenge this. All school rules apply to hat’s, cell phone’s, iPod’s, card’s, etc.. Homework, lab reports, and projects are due when specified. Late work WILL NOT be accepted. Work designated during my absence, in the presence of a substitute, will be collected at the end of that period and counted as a grade. If you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to get any missed notes and assignments completed. Tests and quizzes are announced in advance. So if your absent on the day of a test, you will take a different test, on the same subject matter, the day you return. If your absence is lengthy, see me, arrangements will be made. During a physics test, I WILL ALLOW  you to use your textbook, notebook, and calculator. This is due to the challenging mathematical nature needed to solve these problems. I like to use double periods to solve about 4-5 problems. You will be separated and absolutely no talking. For quizzes, textbook and notebook ARE NOT ALLOWED as they are more conceptual, relatively fundamental, usually multiple choice and only require a single period. All lab reports will be type written using a format I will designate in class. The due date for any lab report will be determined after the completion of the lab experiment.    




                                            If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by phone at WHHS (203) 937-4360 or  e-mail at throughout the school year. Thank You.