Student Support Teams

The WHHS Student Support Program is a school-based prevention and early intervention program for students at WHHS. The Student Support Program will foster student success and healthy development, enhance a safe school environment and promote opportunities for knowledge, skill, attitude, and behavior development.

The Student Support Team is a key component of the Program. The team is comprised of administrators, teachers, school counselors, social workers, and other staff to coordinate this regular education program. The SST accepts referrals from the school community about students who are exhibiting behaviors that are interfering with their education. These behaviors may involve academic, behavioral, social or emotional difficulties.

The team gathers information and develops a plan using the student and family as important resources. The plan identifies the student’s strengths and offers strategies that build on these strengths to help get him or her back on track. Another function of the team is to identify students with mental health needs and to provide referrals to appropriate resources.

Mission Statement:

To improve academic performance, student behavior and attitude towards school while working in conjunction with parents and the community.

Student Support Team - Grades 10, 11, &12

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