Course Expectations

Classroom Rules & Expectations
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1. Be on time.
2. Come prepared every day!
3. Respect the teacher and your classmates.
4. No food or drinks allowed in the class.
5. No cards, hats, MP3 players, Ipods, cell phones or any other electronic device.
6. You must wear your ID everyday!!!!!
7. Homework is due on the day that it is due- No exceptions.  If you are absent it is due the day you return. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
8. If you are absent on the day of a test you have one week to make up the test. If the test is not made up in time it becomes a zero.
9. Make up work is only given in the event of an EXCUSED absence.
10. Lavatory passes are given out only in emergency situations.
11. If you cut class on the day of a test or quiz or when an assignment is due it is an automatic zero and can not be made up under any circumstance.