Fine Arts

Fine Arts Department Faculty

     Visual Arts 
     ‚Äč      Mr. Rich Debiase (Rooms D214/F109)
           Mrs. Deb Suraci (Room F109)
           Mrs. Patricia Thompson (Room F117)

           Mrs. Margi Maher (Frank Albright "Little" Theatre)

           Ms. Cassandra K. Marcella (Skip Crabtree Band Room - E26)
           Mrs. Phyllis Silver (Dr. Lou Negri Choral Room - E54)

Fine Arts Department Courses

     Visual Arts
          Art (introductory level visual arts course)
          Drawing/Advanced Drawing
          Painting/Advanced Painting
          Ceramics/Advanced Ceramics
          Sculpture/Advanced Sculpture
          Crafts/Advanced Crafts
          Studio Art I/II (Honors)
          Art History (Advanced Placement)

          Acting I
          Acting II
          Acting III
          Children's Theatre
     Music (non performance)
          Class Piano I/II
          Music Theory I/II
          Music: Sounds and Styles
          Music Today: A Survey of Popular Music
     Music (performance)
          Band (musicians)
          Color Guard (flag and rifle)
          Chorus (entry level vocal ensemble)
          Bel Canto (upper level vocal ensemble)
          Camerata (all female vocal ensemble)