Grading Policy

All grades are determined by a point system. Point values will vary depending on the length and difficulty of each assignment, however, they are generally worth the values below:

         *Homework- 10-30 points

         *Quizzes- 50 points

         *Tests~100 points

          *Essays~ 100 points

          *Projects~100-200 points

*If you do not complete an assignment you will receive a zero not an F. An F is worth 50 points, a missed assignment is worth zero points. A zero can significantly lower your average.

*All essay assignments, as well as some
homework assignments, must be submitted through  Essays will NOT be graded if they are not on, even if a hard copy was submitted.

***LATE HOMEWORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  If you are absent it is due the day you return.

*Late projects and essays will have ten percent of the total points deducted for each day late.  For example, if the essay is worth 100 points, 10 will be deducted each day.  If a project is 200 points, 20 points will be deducted each day. 

If you are absent on the day of a test you have one week to make up the test. If the test is not made up in time it becomes a zero. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed while you were absent. If you absent the day of a quiz, you must make it up the day you return.

*Make up work is only given in the event of an EXCUSED absence. Please see page 23 in the student handbook.

If you cut class on the day of a test or when an essay/project is due, you can’t, under any circumstances, make it up.