The goal of the WHHS Advisory Program is to personalize the educational experience by demonstrating an investment in our students’ success. In addition to academic achievement required for graduation, WHHS staff hopes to improve attendance, develop stronger student-teacher relationships, and facilitate positive social interactions. Twice per month on Wednesdays, students meet for approximately 23 minutes with his/her adviser to discuss and support current developmental guidance topics.  In addition to providing a sense of belonging to the school community, the Advisory Program is centered on three domains to promote student success: Academic, Personal and College/Career Readiness.


Grade 9:   High School Transition/ Goal Setting

Grade 10: Who Am I? My Personality and Career Exploration

Grade 11: Planning My Path: Post-Secondary Planning

Grade 12: College/Career Expectations: Time Management


  • To personalize the educational experience
  • To provide adult support for personalization
  • To provide a sense of belonging
  • To support Student Success Planning
  • To achieve the expectations of Core Values and Beliefs for Learning