Attendance Policy
The West Haven Board of Education recognizes that daily attendance at school is essential and,therefore, establishes an attendance requirement. There is a positive correlation between regular attendance and academic achievement.
For a student to be considered “in attendance,” he/she must be present at his/her assigned school or an approved activity sponsored by the school, such as a field trip for at least half of
the regular school day. A student not meeting this definition is considered absent for daily attendance and truancy purposes.
The Administration recognizes that there are extenuating  circumstances that may cause a student to be absent from school. In these cases, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to call the school by 9:00 a.m. on the day of an absence and to follow up with a signed, written note from the parent/guardian within ten days of a student’s return to school
and/or submit other appropriate written documentation explaining the reason for the absence.
1. For school absences 1-9 within a school year, the absence is considered excused IF the student’s parent/guardian  approves such absence and submits appropriate  documentation to the school within ten school days of the student’s return to school.
1)a signed, written note from the student’s parent/guardian confirming the absence;
2)a signed note from a school official that spoke with the parent/guardian; or
3)a note confirming the absence by the school nurse or by a licensed medical
professional, as appropriate.
2. For the 10th absence and all absences thereafter, a student’s absence from school will
be considered excused IF the student’s parent/guardian approves such absence and
appropriate documentation is submitted by the parent/guardian to the school within ten
school days of the student’s return to school and the reason for the absence is for any
of the following reasons only:
–student illness (verified by a licensed doctor/medical professional);
–student’s observance of a religious holiday;
–a death in the student’s family or other emergency beyond the control of the
student or his family;
–a mandated court appearance;
–extraordinary educational opportunities pre-approved by a school district administrator
It is the feeling of the Administration that lines of communication must be established and continued
between school and home. Accordingly, it is essential that parents/guardians call the school to report
their child’s absence and reason for absence. Failure to do so will result in the school having to contact
the family to ascertain the reason for the absence. It is imperative that families provide the school with an
up-to-date telephone number. Changes in address and telephone numbers should be shared with Tract
Office as soon as possible after the change takes place.

The following attendance codes will be used in Powerschool for recording absences:
BIP =Behavioral Intervention Program
CA=Court Absence
CUT=Class Cut
CVA= College
Visit Absent
CV=College Visit Present
DN=Doctor’s Note
FA=Funeral Absence
FT=Field Trip Present
FTA=Field Trip Absence
HBEX=Homebound Expelled
HBNS=Homebound No Show
ISS=In School Suspension
ile Detention
LA=Late to
Class Absent
LS=Late to School Present
MT=Mandatory Testing
OA=Other Absence
OAA=Other Approved Absence
OSS=Out of School Suspension
PDA=Parent Documented Absence
R=Religious Holiday
SS=Special Services
TP=Tardy/Late Pass
UA=Unexcused Absence
UAC=Unexcused Absent Contract
UME=Medical Exclusion
Parents will be notified with a warning letter and/or a conference may be scheduled with student’s
administrator and guidance counselor or when the student accumulates excessive absence.
This will provide an opportunity for the school and family to discuss the seriousness of the absences and
to open lines of communication. In addition, this will also serve as a notice that the absence limit is being
approached and that the student is in danger of losing credit for the course.
Parents will be notified by mail when the absence limit as outlined below has been exceeded.

Attendance Points
Good attendance is integral to the learning process. In order to receive credit for any class, a student must
not accumulate more than sixteen attendance points in that class. Attendance points are accumulated in
the following way:

Unexcused Absence
-1 point
Parent Documented Absence
-1 point
Field Trip/Code 79/OAA
-¼ of a point
Medical Note
-½ of a point (Doctor’s note MUST be brought in to the main office within 1 week of
Class Cut
-5 points
-¼ of a point
Late Absence
-1 point

Students who accumulate more than sixteen attendance points in any class will receive a grade of LC (lost credit) on their end-of-year report card and transcript. The grade the student would have received will appear in the comment section, however their official grade will be LC and no credit will be issued.
Students who accumulate more than sixteen points in a full year class may request an appeal in the month
of May. No appeals will be allowed for half-year classes.
Doctor’s notes MUST be on file within 1 week of absence or will not be considered during appeal process.

Credit/Loss of Credit due to Absences/Cuts
Course credit will be awarded to students if they meet the attendance requirement, pass the
course academically, or are granted an appeal in appropriate circumstances by the administration.
All absences, whether considered to be excused or unexcused school absences, will be
counted toward the class attendance requirement.

Under Connecticut State Law, a child ages five to eighteen inclusive is
truant when he/she has four (4) unexcused absences in any one month OR
ten (10) unexcused absences in a school year. Any school absence that does not meet the definition of an excused absence as defined above is an unexcused absence.

Absence = Exclusion from Co-Curricular Activities
If a student is absent from school for any reason, the student will not be allowed to participate in any
school activity on the day of the absence. This includes, but is not limited to: athletic contests, practices,
rehearsals, concerts, drama productions, class activities and club dances, et
c. (Any exception to the rule may be made with the prior permission from the Principal.)

If a student is suspended (OSS or ISS), the student is not allowed to participate in any co-curricular activity on the day(s) of suspension and will not be eligible to resume participation in such activities until the next calendar day, following the completion of the suspension.
Additionally, students must abide by rules and regulations of each team, club or organization to which the
student belongs and be academically eligible.

Tardiness to School
The first bell rings at 7:26 a.m. Students must be in their period one class
before the 7:30 a.m. bell or they will be considered tardy to school. All students entering school after 7:30
a.m. MUST report to the main lobby security desk where they may be assigned central detention and
provided with a pass and an escort to their period one class. Repeat offenders may be assigned
an extended (3 hour) detention, a Saturday (4 hour) detention, in-school suspension, and/or referral to attendance committee. Parents will be contacted for a meeting.

Tardiness to Class
The rules for tardiness to class are as follows:
First Tardy: Teacher warning to student, detention.
Second Tardy: Teacher will contact parent, detention to the student.
Third Tardy: Teacher will contact parent and assign the student another teach
er detention.
(Students who fail to attend teacher detention after parental notification will be
sent to the Tract Administrator for subsequent discipline.)

Subsequent Tardies
A tardy that is excessive may be deemed a cut by the administration.
Reminder: Four (4) tardies will be counted as an absence.

Class Cuts
If a student is not absent from school but not in class, this is considered a class cut.
Verified class cuts are counted toward loss of credit.
First Cut: Teacher will contact parent and student is assigned a teacher detention with
teacher whose class he/she cut. Student may be suspended if he/she does not
report for this teacher detention, which will be scheduled by subject teacher
during their office hour day.
Second Cut: Teacher will contact parent, student is given a suspension, and a Warning of
Loss of Credit letter is sent to the parent.
Third Cut and All Subsequent Cuts: Teacher will contact parent, student
will be given a suspension, and parent is notified of loss of credit. Disciplinary consequences, including suspension will
ensue for all cuts after the third.
NOTE: Assignments for all classes cut by student cannot be made up and student will rec
eive an “F” for these assignments.

Connecticut General Statutes
10-814–Duties of Parents
10-221(b)–Board of Education to prescribe rules
10-199 through 10-202–Attendance, truancy–in general

Appeals for Loss of Credit
Procedure for Appealing Loss of Credit Due to Absences and/or Cuts
The appeals process will take place in May of the current school year. Parents will be notified by mail if
their child is in danger of losing credit. Please ensure that your demographic informati
on is accurate so that this letter is received. Official Loss of Credit Notices are mailed in May of each year. An appeal form
is included with this letter. Students who appeal may be required to attend a formal hearing at City Hall.
Parents should plan to attend this hearing as well.
It is the student's responsibility to check their attendance on PowerSchool. Parents/guardians are also
encouraged to monitor their child's attendance and academic progress on the Parent Portal.
** In some cases, documentation must be provided prior to the absences such as for religious holidays or
educational experiences. It is recognized that some dates for vacations are beyond the parent’s control.
Therefore, any parent contemplating family vacations during the school
year should contact their child’s administrator prior to the trip to ascertain its probable impact on their child’s attendance and credit situation. Vacation days will NOT be excused.

School ends at 1:45 p.m. Every student is expected to be in school until that time.
Only with prior administrative approval will a student be excused to leave school early. Dismissal may be made upon
written request from students’ parent(s)/guardian(s) and only for appointments that cannot be arranged
after school hours such as court appearances and certain medical appointments.
All dismissals will be verified via the telephone prior to the student leaving the school grounds by the
Administrators’ offices. If the parent or guardian cannot be reached the stud
ent will not be allowed to leave school.
Only those listed in the student's demographic record will be allowed to pick up a student from school, and will be required to show ID before student is released. Students leaving without appropriate dismissal wi
ll receive a class cut for missed classes and will be subject to disciplinary consequences for leaving school grounds without permission.