Freshman Academy

WHHS Freshman Academy
The Freshman Academy is a program developed at West Haven High School to increase student success in the school community. The freshman program provides a rigorous curriculum that meets both district and state standards and is mainly housed in the B-Wing.

Freshman Academy Facts
Academy Classrooms clustered in B-wing
22 teachers – 4 Teams
16 Content Area Teachers
4 Special Education Teachers
1 Reading Consultant

Freshman Academy Teams:
Students are assigned to a team (Team Georgetown, Team Yale, Team UCONN, & Team Duke) and share the same teachers for Algebra I, Global Studies, English I, and Biology. Students who are enrolled in Honors classes are assigned to a team and are included in all team activities.

Student Support Teams:
The teaming of the four academic subjects and a special education teacher allow teachers the opportunity for common planning time and, to increase student success, these teachers meet three times a week to discuss individual student problems, to evaluate student learning, and to meet with parents to address concerns, especially for students who are struggling socially andacademically.

Most students share a lunch at the same time their academic teachers meet, which allows students to stop in to get extra help or to make up work from all four teachers. Furthermore, team meetings are used for interventions; students who are exhibiting at-risk behavior are called in for a meeting with their teachers. If the behavior continues, parents, guidance counselors, administration, and the academy social worker meet with the student and parent to create a program to meet their individual needs.

The WHHS Freshman Academy is committed to the success of every student. All academy staff is dedicated to providing the best possible educational environment
for all young adults to meet their fullest potential.

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