During most months of school, Professional Development Days occur. Currently, our focus is completing the NEASC process to allow for the utmost best practices of teaching at our school.

Accreditation is an on-going process of school improvement that occurs in ten-year cycles, with schools working throughout the ten-year cycle to address the Standards for Accreditation.

A requirement of the process ensures that each school not only prepares a self-study and hosts a visiting team every ten years but also responds to valid recommendations from the Commission and from the evaluation report.  As well schools are expected to address the Standards through their school improvements efforts and, of course, to be knowledgeable of the Standards (please see the Explanation of the Standards page.)

Each school is assigned a professional staff liaison who can assist school officials at any point during the process.  In addition, the Commission has recently begun to work with other professional organizations in order to provide on-going professional development for its member schools and sponsors a number of programs and events for schools at various points during the accreditation cycle.