Visit schedule
West Haven High School
NEASC visit
September, 2017



Panel presentations - auditorium

panel topics:

  1. Focus of the school's Mission and Expectations
  2. School and Community Profile
  3. Issues and challenges facing the school in light of the school's mission and expectations and School and Community Profile
  4. Statement of Strengths and Needs
  5. Report on how examples of student work were gathered
  6. Review of how school measures achievement of its learning expectations
  7. Questions and answers 
Teacher interviews (individual classrooms)
 5pm-6pm  Reception (cafeteria)


Concurrent school tours:

  • Infrastructure tour: led by building and grounds supervisor/staff 
  • General facility tour: led by students 
 9:07am-12:11pm Student Shadowing 

Small group meetings:

  • school leadership team
  • library media specialist/information resource persons
  •  teachers

Small group meetings:

  • Support services
  • Food services and maintenance 
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Sending school principals


(will take place of

September staff meeting) 

Standards for Accreditation subcommittee meetings:

  • Curriculum
  • Instruction
  • Assessment of Student Learning
  • School Culture and Leadership
  • School Resources for Learning
  • Community Resources for Learning 

Concurrent meetings:

  • School leadership team 
  • Parents 


Small group meetings:

  • with Department Leaders
  • with Support Staff, Instructional Aides and Paraprofessionals 
 8:30-4:00pm Visiting Committee work time 
7:30am-2:15pm  Visiting Team Meeting to work on reports 
 2:15pm Closing remarks to School Community by Visiting Committee Chair (auditorium) 
*Visiting committee team members may stop into classes throughout the day. 
Team members are simply observing; please continue to teach classes.