Who We Are 

PACE is a specialized West Haven High School program for struggling students. Students participate in smaller class settings with more individualized instruction and get an opportunity to use Odysseyware software for credit recovery. Students must interview with the administration to be accepted into the program. PACE provides an intensive support system so students can learn appropriate skills and behaviors needed to be successful in high school and beyond. It seeks to reengage students in their own education and create a feeling of connectedness to their school community. The program serves special education and typical students.

The program includes:
-- 90
minutes of language arts
-- 90 minutes of mathematics
-- Contemporary Issues and Environmental Education classes to give students an awareness of their own community and surroundings
-- use of tablets and Kindles in lieu of traditional textbooks to strengthen reading level, technological literacy and overall school engagement
-- participation in Odysseyware online credit recovery program

Teacher Contact Information:
Liam Leapley, Math 
Tim Nixon, English
Tim Gast, Social Studies