UNH Charging Ahead & Charge into the Future programs


​Application period now open

The WHHS School Counseling Department is taking applicants for the Charging Ahead program for the fall semester at UNH. Applications are now available in the WHHS School Counseling office. Click here for an informational letter about Charging Ahead.

Eligible WHHS students accepted into the program will have the opportunity to take one college class for free at UNH in the fall and earn college credit. This is open to rising juniors and seniors. Applications are due in the WHHS School Counseling office by May 25.

 Geordann Daguplo
WHHS Class of 2014

UNH Class of 2018

Charge into the Future

The Charge into the Future initiative gives West Haven High School graduates the opportunity to receive half-tuition scholarships if they are accepted to and attend UNH as a full-time undergraduate. This program is also in its second year.

The scholarship is renewable for four years. Students are still eligible to receive additional merit-based and need-based scholarships and grants.

Mia Sumra
WHHS Class of 2014
UNH Class of 2018


Kaussar Rahman
WHHS Class of 2014
Mount Holyoke College
Class of 2018


Charging Ahead

The Charging Ahead program, now in its second year, offers WHHS students a chance to take a more rigorous class for free, as well as sample the academic resources and student activities of a college campus. WHHS students who successfully complete the class receive college credit.

Westies take the UNH class while still carrying a full WHHS courseload.The program receives new participants twice a year: once for the fall semester and again for the spring semester.

Students must qualify based on grades, and those who are interested in participating must fill out an application, answer short essay questions and receive a teacher recommendation. WHHS notifies all students who are eligible for Charging Ahead and collects applications from those who are interested.

Participants are then chosen from a lottery system and select one course each from a list of introductory classes on topics such as criminal justice, world history, sociology, economics, and human communications.​

They can drive themselves to the UNH campus after their classes end at WHHS, or take a school bus.

WHHS has also given new participants a chance to hear more about the program from previous Charging Ahead students during Q&A sessions.

Click here for an FAQ.


UNH Summer programs

Through the district-UNH partnership, WHHS students get the chance to take summer programs at UNH for free. Summer 2014 programs focused on engineering and science, biotechnology and crime scene investigation.

Click here for a UNH camp news story.


Key contact for all programs:

WHHS Counselor
Holly Benedetti

[email protected]

203-937-4360 X7119

203-931-4735 (Fax)