WHHS Building Project
building project

The entire WHHS building is going to be renovated or rebuilt to better reflect 21st century learning standards and improve access that our students and teachers have to technology and other resources that are needed in today’s academic environment. Everything from the library media center, to science labs, to regular classrooms will be updated. The work also includes providing new equipment, technology and furniture in the building.

Construction is expected to begin in spring 2017. This is currently the largest project in Connecticut. The building will be constructed without asbestos and according to the updated educational specifications. The project remains classified as "renovate-as-new," and West Haven retains a 75 percent reimbursement rate from the state.


WHHS Building Committee


Joe Belbusti

Michael Betz

Richard Boyne

James Burns

Peter Cordone

Keith Flood

Principal Dana Parades
(Committee Secretary)

Tony Giordano

Jim Greenberg

Steven Mullins

Mayor Edward O'Brien

Mark Palmieri

Bill Sapienza
(Committee Chairman)

Rich Shea
(Vice Chairman)

Daria Weible

Steven Wydra


Building Project