teachers of the month

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Mike is a certified Career and Technology Education teacher, as well as a certified Science teacher. He's been teaching for 10 years, all at WHHS.

- October | Mike Barraco

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Tracy is the Theatre teacher at WHHS. This is her 12th year teaching and second at WHHS.

- October | Tracy Stratton

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Liam is a Special Education teacher. This is his 15th year teaching at the high school and his 23rd year teaching overall.

- November | Liam Leapley

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Lindsay is a Spanish and Blended Program Master teacher. This is her 13th year teaching and second at WHHS.

- November | Lindsay Smolka

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Camdyn teaches Health & Physical Education. This is her fourth year teaching at WHHS.

- December | Camdyn Morgillo

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Jason teaches the high school choir, beginner piano, and intermediate piano. He's been teaching for 15 years but this is his first year at WHHS and his first year working for West Haven Public Schools.

- December | Jason Thomas

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Kevin teaches Biology, AP Biology, and Environmental Science. He's been teaching for 15 years, all at WHHS.

- January | Kevin Dickson

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Donata teaches Marching and Concert Band, AP Music Theory, Music Today: A Survey of Popular Music, and Intro to Jazz. This is her seventh year teaching and second at WHHS.

- January | Donata Lupacchino

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Mike is a Tech Ed teacher who has been teaching for 12 years, including five at WHHS. He's been in West Haven since 2016.

- January | Mike Martin

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Matthew teaches Algebra 2 and Statistics. This is his first year at WHHS but his 21st year teaching overall.

- February | Matthew Cohen

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Jeanne has been teaching Social Studies at WHHS for her entire career. She teaches a Civics course and a Women's Studies course.

- February | Jeanne Palmer