Kristen Amon

About: I am currently teaching physics in my first year at WHHS though this is my 25th year teaching overall and I have taught both math and physics in that time. I also taught for a year at a boarding school way back when. I am very happy to be at WHHS!

Jon Lopez

About: I teach US History and African American/Latino Studies (I’m also very excited to be teaching our brand-new AP African American History next year!); This will be my 8th year teaching; I have been teaching at WHHS for the past 3 years, my previous teaching experience was at Bailey Middle School where I taught 8th grade US History.

Hobbies: In my free time, you might find me engrossed in a book (usually nonfiction), working out, or watching sports or a captivating movie/TV show. However, my greatest joy comes from cherished moments with my family.

Fun Facts: I’m a proud girl-dad as well as an avid animal lover who’s had cats, dogs, geckos, and even a chinchilla!; I find solace in contemplating the mysteries of the universe; I have 3 different degrees in education; and I’m a Westie born and raised, through and through!