students posing

The Westies Walk Club hosted a cooking competition on Thursday, April 28 in the WHHS cafeteria. The club was broken down into 5 groups of students who created healthy meals from their own recipes, which were chicken, salmon, steak, veggie burgers, and arroz con gandules.

Students then presented the meals to the 3 judges -- Assistant Superintendent Judy Drenzek, WHHS Principal Dana Paredes, and Family Consumer Science Teacher Dana Kent. Earning the top choice from the judges was the Puerto Rican dish, arroz con gandules. Congratulations to the winners, sophomores Angel Matos, David Ojeda, and Edison Chimborazo Malute!

"I'm excited!" exclaimed David following the announcement that his group placed first. "I thought we were going to lose. When they said our names and I realized we won, I got excited. That was fun!"

The Westies Walk Club is a new school club at WHHS aimed at making a healthy living into a fun and engaging endeavor. To learn more, click here >